Mercedes-Benz Repair Service in Southampton NY

Mercedes-Benz Service In Southampton, NY

Joe's Garage Inc. is your Southampton, NY Mercedes-Benz repair shop.

Our Mercedes-Benz technicians have the training, knowledge, and experience to repair or service Mercedes-Benz. Our Mercedes-Benz mechanics perform all repairs and services from A-service, B-service, Mercedes-Benz brake repair, Mercedes-Benz check engine light repair, Mercedes-Benz timing belt replacement, Mercedes-Benz transmission repair, and Mercedes-Benz engine repair.

Trust your Mercedes-Benz repair to the specialists at Joe's Garage Inc. in Southampton, NY. We follow Mercedes-Benz factory scheduled Maintenance Services that protect your new car warranty.

Our certified technicians know Mercedes-Benz inside and out. We utilize the latest diagnostic tools, service, and repair techniques to keep your Mercedes-Benz performing in peak condition.

Our extensive experience with Mercedes-Benz service and complete collection of Mercedes-Benz tools and diagnostic equipment ensures high-quality work and complete customer satisfaction.

Repair and Service of all Mercedes-Benz Models

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Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975 - Federal Law Prohibits any Mercedes-Benz auto dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent auto service facility. Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code.

Having Joe's Garage Inc. work on your Mercedes-Benz in NO way limits or restricts your new vehicle warranty. All that is important is that you service your vehicle. By law, having your vehicle serviced by the Mercedes-Benz dealer is not required.

Joe's Garage Inc. specializes in German auto repair in Southampton, NY.

Mercedes-Benz Service A and B

Common questions about Mercedes-Benz A and B service procedures. Let Joe's Garage Inc. Mercedes-Benz service shop in Southampton, NY explain the Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Program.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles use the Flexible Service System, or FSS, which displays indicators on the dash panel of your vehicle. The FSS is a series of maintenance intervals your Mercedes-Benz vehicle will require throughout its lifetime.

The most common are Service A and Service B, which vary with the age and model of your Mercedes-Benz so please contact us to learn which service is due for your vehicle.

At Joe's Garage Inc., we use the latest Mercedes-Benz specific diagnostic scan tools and equipment to properly service your vehicle to factory standards. We offer factory similar A and B service schedules, making Joe's Garage Inc. Southampton’s choice for Mercedes-Benz service.

Mercedes-Benz Service A

Mercedes-Benz Service A is recommended every 10,000 miles and is indicated by a single wrench icon on your control panel.

Performance of the Service A work involves:

  • Mercedes-Benz synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • All fluid level checks and corrections are dependent on Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedule intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.
  • Tire inflation check and correction
  • Brake inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • Multi-point inspection

5,000 Mile Oil and Filter Change Interval, Inspection and Tire Rotation

After 5,000 miles, we will perform a synthetic motor oil and oil filter replacement, a multi-point inspection, and tire rotation. This ensures you’ll get the maximum miles out of your tires with the peace of mind of knowing your Mercedes-Benz is fully inspected for optimal performance.

Mercedes-Benz Service B

Mercedes-Benz Service B is recommended every 10,000 miles or 12 months after performing the Service A for 2009 and later Mercedes-Benz vehicles. When Service B work is needed, two wrenches will appear on your Mercedes-Benz control panel.

Performance of the Service B involves:

  • Mercedes-Benz synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • All fluid level checks and corrections are dependent on Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedule intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.
  • Tire inflation check and correction
  • Brake component inspection
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • Cabin dust/combination filter replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement

Then the cycle repeats: another 5,000-mile inspection and tire rotation, a Service A at 10,000 miles, a 5,000-mile inspection and tire rotation, and then Service B after the next 10,000-mile period.

Common Mercedes-Benz Problems

Mercedes-Benz SL Active Body Control System Hydraulic Fluid Leak

Mercedes-Benz SL Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Problem: The Mercedes-Benz SL Active Body Control System can leak fluid from numerous areas including the pump, hydraulic lines and hoses, hydraulic cylinder seals, or suspension struts. Vehicle ride height can drop too low and cause damage to the undercarriage if the vehicle hits a pothole. Oil leaks cause a mess and environmental damage. The most common Mercedes-Benz convertible top problem is hydraulic cylinder oil leaks. There are up to 12 hydraulic cylinders on the Mercedes-Benz SL so this can be an expensive repair. And, if one cylinder is leaking, they all should be repaired since the others will fail and start leaking fluid soon.

Mercedes-Benz SL model years affected: 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Solution: The cylinders can be replaced or rebuilt. The Mercedes-Benz dealer will replace leaking cylinders with very expensive new parts. Independent Mercedes-Benz repair shops, like Joe's Garage Inc. in Southampton, NY, can have your cylinders rebuilt at a much lower cost than new replacement cylinders. The cylinders are rebuilt with new, improved seals that will outlast new original equipment Mercedes-Benz replacement parts. Other Mercedes-Benz SL Active Body Control System malfunctions will need to be diagnosed and identified.

Mercedes-Benz Engine Performance Problems Due to Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure

Problem: The engine may develop a stalling and/or no start condition when warm due to a failed crankshaft position sensor. Typically cold vehicle starts without issue then runs rough or stalls and won't start as it warms up. Check engine light will also come on. Allowing the vehicle to cool and it will start.

Solution: diagnosis to confirm the problem. Mercedes-Benz crankshaft position sensor replacement.

Mercedes-Benz AC Air Conditioning Evaporator Temperature Sensor Failure

Problem: Mercedes-Benz AC evaporator temperature sensor can fail, causing the AC system to not work. The problem can have two symptoms. The AC system will not blow cold air. Or the HVAC air will be very cold at first, then cooling decreases as car runs and warms up.

Solution: Mercedes-Benz AC Air Conditioning system diagnosis. Mercedes-Benz evaporator temperature sensor replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Premature Tire Wear Due to Worn Lower Control Arm Bushings

Problem: The Mercedes-Benz lower control arm bushings can wear allowing excessive movement at the control arm pivot point causing irregular and premature tire wear. Worn Ball joints can also cause similar tire wear symptoms.

Solution: suspension inspection, Mercedes-Benz lower control arm replacement, including Mercedes-Benz control arm bushing replacement & Mercedes-Benz ball joint replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Head Light Lenses Become Cloudy Opaque Due To Sun Exposure

Problem: Exposure to the sun causes headlight lenses to become opaque, cloudy, or hazy. This reduces the effectiveness of the headlights.

Solution: Mercedes-Benz headlight refinishing can improve the clarity of the lenses, but replacement of the lamp housings is the only way to regain the full intensity of the lights.

Mercedes-Benz Climate Control System Failure Due To Wear of Climate Control Unit Buttons

Problem: The Mercedes-Benz climate control system can fail or perform erratically due to worn climate control button electrical contacts.

Solution: Mercedes-Benz climate control assembly replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Radiator Leak Due to Degradation of the Plastic Tanks and Fittings

Problem: Mercedes-Benz coolant leaks from the radiator due to degradation of its plastic components.

Solution: Mercedes-Benz Radiator replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) Light Comes on

Problem: Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) warning light illuminates. If the SBC is not working, limited brake pressure is delivered to the front brakes, increasing the distance it takes to stop. The SBC hydraulic unit has a specific service life programmed into the control module.

Solution: Mercedes-Benz brake system inspection and diagnosis. Follow the Mercedes-Benz recommended Sensotronic Brake Control service procedure for proper maintenance of the SBC.

Mercedes-Benz Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Modulator Failure

Problem: Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time which can cause failure of Mercedes-Benz anti-lock brake system (ABS) modulator assembly.

Solution:  Mercedes-Benz anti-lock brake system (ABS) modulator replacement and Mercedes-Benz brake system flush.

Prevention Maintenance: Complete brake fluid flush every two years to help prevent Mercedes-Benz anti-lock brake system problems.

Mercedes-Benz Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor Causing Erratic Engine Operation and Poor Fuel Economy

Problem: Mercedes-Benz faulty mass air flow (MAF) sensor can cause erratic and rough engine operation and poor fuel economy. A Check Engine Light warning may be activated.

Solution: Diagnosis and Mercedes-Benz Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Brake Light Switch Failure Cause ESP/BAS Warning Light

Problem: Mercedes-Benz brake ESP and BAS warning light due to failed brake light switch.

Solution: Mercedes-Benz brake light switch replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Transmission Oil Leak

Problem: High mileage Mercedes-Benz may develop transmission oil seal leaks.

Solution: Diagnose and locate transmission oil leaks. Remove and replace the transmission, reseal Mercedes-Benz transmission.

NOTE: This company or website is in no way associated with or represents the Mercedes-Benz U.S.A. company.