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Steering Repair Service in Southampton NY

Southampton NY area steering repair, strut replacement , shock replacement, wheel alignment. All make and model. BMW & Mercedes-Benz specialist. German Import, European Import, Asian Import, domestic vehicles.

Your vehicle’s steering system is very important to the safety of your vehicle. The steering and suspension system, together with tires, determine how your car will ride and handle. You should have vehicle steering system inspected at least once a year.

An easy way to keep up with your vehicles routine inspections is to request our “Annual Vehicle Physical”.

What Does It Do?

The steering system transmits your input from the steering wheel to the steering components to control the vehicle’s direction.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment Southampton NY at Joe's Garage Inc (631) 283-2098
Wheel alignment Southampton NY. Joe's Garage Inc performs front end alignment, all wheel alignment, 4wd alignment, and 4x4 wheel alignment in Southampton NY.

Wheel alignment is an important part of the steering & suspension. Joe’s Garage Inc has the latest four wheel alignment technology to keep your vehicle rolling straight & true. Using lasers & wheel mounted sensors we are able to consistently perform very accurate 4 wheel alignment in Southampton NY. See details about our wheel alignment service near Southampton, NY.

Normal Wear and Tear

Steering components normally wear out over time and require periodic replacement. How long steering components last depends on the type of vehicle, how and where it is used, and if regular maintenance is performed. Regular steering inspections and maintenance are critical to maintain vehicle safety and decrease repair costs.

Power Steering

Power steering system consists of a pump, fluid reservoir, pressure and return hoses and steering gear or steering box. The pump, which is driven by the engine with an accessory drive belt, consists of an impeller, pressure valve, and fluid reservoir. Pump pressure builds only when the engine is running. The pump impeller turns, picking up hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and feeding it to the steering gear under pressure through the pressure line. The fluid is then returned to the fluid reservoir through the non-pressurized return line.

Diagram of power steering hose repair Southampton NY
Power steering fluid flush will prevent premature hose deterioration and power steering repair Southampton NY.

Power Steering Maintenance

Your vehicle's power steering system operates at very high pressures, 800–2000 psi, and very high temperatures. This leads to power steering fluid (oil) breakdown over time. Fluid breakdown causes increased wear and expensive power steering repairs. Just like engine oil your power steering fluid requires periodic replacement. Symptoms of power steering problems include groaning and whining noises, erratic steering, and fluid leaks.


Since most vehicles do not have a power steering fluid filter a powerful power steering cleaner is added before draining oil fluid to help clean the system and flush out contaminates. The cleaner dissolves varnish and gum buildup in the power steering system and suspends contaminates in the old fluid so they are flushed out. All old fluid is drained and power steering system flushed with new power steering fluid for both conventional and rack and pinion steering systems. The benefit is a quieter-operating, longer lasting power-steering system.

Photo comparing new and old power steering fluid which needs flush
New power steering fluid is clean and clear. Dirty, neglected power steering fluid looks like used engine oil and can compromise the performance of your steering system and cause damage. If you haven't serviced your power steering system lately, now's the time. Joe's Garage Inc performs power steering repairs, power steering hose replacement, power steering pump repairs, power steering flush Southampton NY.


A power steering service - or power steering fluid flush - removes harmful deposits and impurities while also conditioning and re-vitalizing hoses and seals. If your power steering is making excessive noise or not working correctly a power steering fluid flush could prevent further damage and excessive wear leading to power steering system repair.

What We Do

At Joe's Garage Inc we perform the following power steering flush in Southampton NY New York area:

  • check power steering system for correct operation;
  • inspect condition of hoses;
  • inspect system for fluid leaks;
  • inspect power steering pump drive belt condition;
  • use cleaner to dissolve and suspend varnish and gums;
  • flush and replace old contaminated fluid with new power steering fluid.

How Often Power Steering Service

Joe's Garage Inc Southampton NY recommends Power Steering Service every 30,000 miles. Please check your vehicle owner's manual for factory recommended Power Steering fluid change intervals.

Diagram of power steering system components
Diagram of power steering system components. Joe's Garage Inc performs all steering repairs such as power steering pump repair Southampton NY, power steering rack repair Southampton NY, power steering box repair Southampton NY, power steering hose repair Southampton NY, power steering belt repair Southampton NY.

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