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MyCar Online Vehicle Service History

MyCar Tool

Online Vehicle Service History

The MechanicNet "MyCar" tool allows our customers to securely view and maintain their individual vehicle maintenance records.

You will love the ability to view copies of your work orders (invoices), and provide proof of your vehicle service when selling your vehicle.

You can also add multiple vehicles to your "My Car" account. This is a popular retention tool for fleet managers who now have one central place where all of their vehicle service history are stored.

If you would like to use this free tool simply contact us and we will gladly create a user account for you.

Additional Features

Here are three additional free tools in MyCar tools to help better maintain your vehicle:

  • Service Reminder Post Cards - We can send out service reminders to you with the vehicle, and its mileage. Cards are only generated when vehicles are due for service. Reminders contain the manufacture specified services for your specific vehicle at that specific mileage.

  • E-mail Service Reminders - On a permission basis, we automatically send a customized html e-mail with even more content and features than the service reminder post card. In addition the e-mail will have a link to our website as well as your personal electronic glove box to view your vehicle's service history.

  • Symptoms Evaluation - This feature will help you accurately describe your vehicle problem and help us to diagnose the source of your vehicle problems faster.

    Use the Symptoms Evaluator to better describe your symptoms to your auto repair technician. This free tool will ask you 3 simple questions and then show you a list of problems you might be experiencing. You can then request an appointment online and send this evaluation ahead of your arrival.

Next time you visit us we'll be happy to show you these tools to help you maintain your vehicle.

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